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Goals for the coming year

I know a lot can happen in a year, and life can be unpredictable, so I like to make lose goals. Something to work towards that can change if necessary. Or hopefully I can surpass.
But here are my business goals, my 2 year anniversary will be on the 21/3/09. Notice all the numbers in the date are divisible by 3. So for a bit of play on numbers.
My goal, on the etsy side of my business is to reach 300 sales and 3000 hearts. At least, of course I am more than happy to surpass this goal, and if this go really well or really bad I may have to reassess. But for now that is my goal.

As for my business as a whole, I hope to increase my wholesale and consignment clients. Expand my range and come up with more amazing ideas. It would be great if i could get my website working wonderfully and even be able to sell on my own site but I have no clue about coding, so it may be a while till I can do that.

( silly picture of me with an easter egg today)

and a sneak peak at something new I am working on.


truth.be.told said...

congrats on the anniversary and also setting some goals. its so easy to get off path and loose focus. oh and those tags look very sweet! happy easter xx

tabitha said...

thank you :)

kerry18 said...

Tabi, your website looks FANTASTIC! Good luck on your goals!

(this is boxofglory by the way, I don't have a blogger account under that name)