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Getting ready for Tafe

I start Tafe on monday, to do a graphic design course! Its come so quickly. Before I know it I will be drenched with assignments.
Well I've started to prepare for the year.

My notebooks and stationary.
-Diary, 'Non-planner' by Keri Smith bought at littleotsu.com , the coolest diary ever!!
- Blue printed notebook from One Good Bumblebee
- Brown with black print notebook, from Lertsis
- Pencil case, custom made from kaylah7
- Wooden ruler from the newsagency ( i had the urge to buy one, there is something about them I prefer to plastic rulers)
- Moleskin journal, from Borders.
and ipod touch from apple, of course :)

And I got a hair cut yesterday, so my hair feels all nice and fresh. I also bought a beret on Thursday, which I love. With the weather getting cooler already and it raining so much I may be needing it.

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