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Quirky Elegance

I love things that are elegant and stylish but have that hint of quirkiness and originality. Its beautiful but cheeky. There is a seller I came across on etsy a while ago, she had some cute notebooks, but today I discovered she has listed some new things which i just love.


This bag is so unique and I love the description,
'This is the concept bag I have recently made with some of my friends and sell it in Thailand. Since the global warming right now is so in trend and people tend to use bag instead of plastic bags, this project came up. But how can we make our bags different from the others, to make it more outstanding, and that's when this idea came up.
By purchasing our bags, we give you free the pins which go with the pattern. The pins are 3d and really really cute.
In this pattern which is dressing table, the pins that come with are the girl stuff such as bag, hair dryer, shoes, hat and anything about beauty. I have 2 colors for you to choose, gold, and pink. Each bag with get 2-3 pins, depending on the sizes of the pins.'
What a cool concept!

And these note books go great with the style too

For more see Lertsis , from Bangkok

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