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Advent calendar blog- DAY 20

Well its only 5 days till Christmas, so I think its time to start considering wrapping (yes wrapping gifts is VERY important, well to me it is). I might start looking about to see what I have to use. Trust me, our family get very creative when it comes to wrapping gifts, me and my brother have been known to get old fabric scraps and stitch it around the gift, held at the top by a button. Its fun.
We fixed my ancient laptop yesterday, with cardboard, haha. Mum suggested we throw it out, but I couldn't bear it, so my brother took a look at it and finally worked out that a connection was loose and some cardboard would push it in place, so now it works, though its still dodgy and im not terribly sure what to use it for other than to play around with.
Enough rambling.. heres todays item:

Butterfly Wings Soy Teacup Candle, $14 by Something Beautiful
I keep seeing these gorgeous tea cup candles, so I had to share one :)

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thank you so much for featuring me! You rock!