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How do you display art?

I love collecting art as well as creating my own, but the question is how do I display it all and make it look good? So I had a look around for some cool ideas.
eclectic, pined up, looks inspirational, would look good in a studio
Variety of fames and some pinned up, random but geometric placement
Wall paper! Fun way to make an interesting feature wall
Random frames, this one would look good in a hall way
Same size square frames, neat and ordered.
Varies shape and sized frames, some on the wall some sitting on table
More various frames, bunched together
Running down a stair case, bunched together
Pegged onto a line, would look good in a studio.

If ou have any other cool ideas please share :)

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Liss said...

lovely post !! I love to see how other people display there art. I put mine in frames and onto the bookshelf.