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ordinary into extraordinary!

With concerns for the environment growing, the number of textile products being made out of recycled products is becoming increasingly popular.
It all began back when i was in high school with the tie. I saw a few textile projects that involved the use of sewing old ties together to create a dress, bag or other fashion item.

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Then on my 18th birthday I went out shopping and I saw in a toy shop a children's pencil case made out of zippers all sewn together. My brother thought it was so cool he made one for himself, and i am still seeing them around as well as other alternative uses for zips.

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and more recently i have seen a lot of people using measuring tapes to make bags and other accessories.

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available here

so the question is.. what is the next ordinary item to be made into extraordinary things


Kari & Kijsa said...

Love it! Keep the great ideas coming!

Liss said...

love those finds !! i always like checking your blog to see what great things youve spotted. You have good taste :-)