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Matchbox birdie

These little birdies are just the sweetest little things! click here
such gorgeous hand made stuff, they have no purpose really they just look pretty.
'These little weenie matchbox tweeters are crafted with great love and care from recycled and new materials. Their little home was once part of an old man's matchbox collection and as such is a rare little vintage treat in itself.
Each matchbox tweeter is delivered to you hidden away in it's little nest, but can be taken out to stand all on its own little wire legs!'


benjames said...

Oh how lovely!
Did you see them in the latest Wind It Up magazine?


Good Girls Studio said...

these may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen! What an unfortunate thing to have a need for :D

Liss said...

so cute!! I love all the detail thats gone into it.