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tagged again :(

i have been tagged again but i find it difficult to think of yet another 7 random facts,
1. I work part time at Mr.Whippy (been there 2.5 years), and my boss is in Hawaii at the moment
2. I have a soar throat at the moment :(
3. I am currently working on a watering can bag!
4. i have a current obsession with coconut, i love the smell of it
5. when i was little i hated stockings, now i love them
6. I have only lived in 3 different houses
7. when i was little me and my bro used to cook mini pizzas and pretend to have a pizzeria, we even put them in a box for delivery.

thats all i cant be bothered to find another 7 people, please dont tag me again, lol.

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